We were 1

Together we made 2

I felt 3

But you felt 4

So you said 5

And then you met 6

But 6 brought out the 7 in you

But you said I 8 you so much

It hurt 9 times more then you said 10

11 days thats how much time past

On the 12th day you kissed 

The last 13 lives you had.
Its ben 14 days since the last 15

I spent 16 of them with 17

On the 18th day I

Said goodbye to 19





25 I remember that was the day of my birthday

I spent the last 24 alone

But this one was different 

I had 26 people in

All of the 27 rooms I owned

28 of them are in my head

29 was just like you

except  less dead.


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