everything that we thought was true, wasn’t a lie but it was hindered; so it wasn’t entirely the truth and it wasn’t entirely a lie. i remember he told me that the first time we heard the echoes of the bats in the caves, or was it the time we danced until we were numb?i’m sure it happened. he said that we like everyone else in the world were the center of the entire universe just like if you drew a spot on a balloon and blew into it  the spot’s position seems like it’s changing but its just expanding. until someone pops the balloon. that would be funny. that’s what he did. then i screamed because those balloons are so so scary just like the bats were, just like the music was. he looked at me the echoes of the universe creeping into the moment but some how the look that i got pushed it way . it as nice. so.nice the weirdest thing is that it didn’t happen.


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