I’ll say it now, too often the past has repeated it self, too many time the same event happen over and over agin and history as we now it is. ow the present and will always be 

which is ironic you see


what i saw was a shimmer of pure energy vibrating from the outskirts of the sky almost blinding to the human eye 

but i looked and i didnt shift, i didnt want to because what i saw was a world with utter humanity which i found ironic 

as everything  and everyone are just pawns in a grand plan and who am i tobe afraid   of what surrounds me 

who the hell made me inclined to react to what i dont want to and why do the the apples on the floor rot while we all sit and smile and nod and stare and speak and chat about people and how people are strange and how we are scared of our selfs so what we do we exert this pain this infliction on to others but those other do

not feel at all so next time you do the rightthing  and from now one you just smile 

sunny days

One day it maybe today or any day 

Youll find something that now one else would and youll say it was never there but it just appeared from thin air but how the hell did it come to be and the way the clouds they looked at it like it was one of them like it floated and it cried sometimes but it was fluffy it was pure not like the other clouds just


ever seen before and it was weird at first to see somethibg so unique but it was nice refreshing just like the sun which it passed all the time

bright colours

You were the petal

The rosy red one that slowly made it to the soil, surrounded by brown mositure, to breathe the brown in gave shaded of green at your root which transcended to the colour of not green and not red

hand to the next

I am writing this for the second time

I lost it the first time

I dont remember the last time

Ironically the time still ticks

Yet I get more and more self aware

The less time spent thinking

The more time decreases

This is my observation 

fine line fine time fine mind

existance is on a thin thread, the part where the thread has been tugged so much its changed its shape; the thread that is something whole but the thread gets thinner and thinner everytime you close your eyes and by the 50th second thread breaks and thread is no longer whole again but thread is still hanging in there still reaching for more and thread still has a long length which goes on forever 

lets hope thread can connect its threads

A L0V3 5T0RY

We were 1

Together we made 2

I felt 3

But you felt 4

So you said 5

And then you met 6

But 6 brought out the 7 in you

But you said I 8 you so much

It hurt 9 times more then you said 10

11 days thats how much time past

On the 12th day you kissed 

The last 13 lives you had.
Its ben 14 days since the last 15

I spent 16 of them with 17

On the 18th day I

Said goodbye to 19





25 I remember that was the day of my birthday

I spent the last 24 alone

But this one was different 

I had 26 people in

All of the 27 rooms I owned

28 of them are in my head

29 was just like you

except  less dead.

Gold bullet

So what do we say.

What do we do.

The same thing we always do push and believe.

Its been a long time and things have been getting hard; youve been shot time and time again and the wounds get  worst.

Deeper and deeper but what is worst is that its been the same bullet everytime and its only shot you once but it like a million at once. 


But the bullet will go through and just like you, your wound will heal not matter how hard it seems now it will be okay

The bullet was one of those gold ones, the special  ones with the narrow head and slender build

The bullet was beautiful and it implord into figments of particles and so you will you one day 

Youll say that everything you’ve been through was beautiful and eveything is already is.
So please beautiful bullet wound me and go through me and heal within me.